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MINI Cooper N14 Timing Chain Kit

Part Number: 180846

Manufacturer Number: 11 31 8 618 317/11 31 7 516 088

A very common engine failure occurs with the 2007-2012 R56, R57 generation of Mini. The problem occurs when the tensioner for the timing chain no longer applies pressure to the guide rail. This causes the timing chain to flap against the the guide rails eventually breaking them. The noise that is created is most commonly heard during cold start up and can eventually go away when the engine gets warm. Our kit includes all the necessary parts to do the complete job. You will also need to purchase a timing tool kit to lock your engine timing while doing the job. You will find this in the recommended parts section on the bottom right of this page.

Parts Included In Kit

QTY Part Name
1 Chain Tensioner
1 Timing Chain
1 Timing Guide Rail 241
1 Timing Guide Rail 833
1 Timing Guide Rail 697
1 Bearing Bolt 771
2 Bearing Bolt 768
1 Bearing Bolt Gasket Ring
1 Crankshaft Sprocket
1 Crankshaft Pulley Bolt
1 Valve Cover Gasket
1 Permatex Hylomar Gasket Maker
1 Serpentine Belt

Compatible with models from 01/2007 to 07/2010

MSRP $425.35
Your Price: $389.99
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Products > MINI Replacement Parts > MINI Engine Parts